At BoxDark it is our mission to reinvent gaming control input. We are very proud to introduce the ProSteer – the Worlds first handheld steering controller for PC and console. Utilising our Boxed Arc technology and Multi Single Axis Control (MSAC), our engineering team have perfected authentic (mechanical) steering, with centralising torque and haptic (vibration) feedback.


Finally all racers can enjoy the winning control of analogue steering without the need for a large expensive racing wheel. ProSteer provides accurate Turn-in to Apex steering from a compact freeheld controller about the size of a standard gamepad.


Existing gamepads are great for many gaming genres but they have limitations, especially when trying to control a powerful car under race conditions within a modern racing game. There is a reason why we do not steer real cars with thumbsticks, they are simply not up to the job. So why try and contend with the high demands of maneuvering a race car around a track at high speed! Years of software improvements have added multiple physics engines to both the cars characteristics and external conditions in most modern racing games making them a real handful to operate.

With ProSteer you can relax on the couch and enjoy handheld, wireless, FULL STEERING CONTROL.

Meet the ProSteer

Prosteer at Mount Panorama


We come from different backgrounds, but we all share the same ethos – “There is ALWAYS a better way”


We’ve done the complex engineering to bring the science behind the
ProSteer into an ergonomic handheld unit


‘Development is complete! Be among the first to experience the ProSteer