Frequently asked questions

Will I need to plug the ProSteer into my PC or Device ?

No the ProSteer uses Bluetooth  wireless technology to connect and play games.

Is ProSteer compatible with my favorite games?

As an HID developed device, ProSteer will connect seamlessly with your Windows PC and Android Smartphone, our driver enables ProSteer onto most popular games and our firmware team will send online updates for any new games as required.

Can I switch between the three game modes while “in game”?

Yes, the game mode is always live and can be changed at anytime during gameplay.

When will console versions be available?

We have begun working with the console manufacturers and expect to have console versions ready by the end of 2020.

Are there games I cannot play with ProSteer?

If you can play a game with a standard Gamepad, you can use ProSteer. If you have a game you would like to play but cannot, let us know.

Will ProSteer improve my racing lap times?

We make no guarantees, but our testing consistently says YES, all ProSteer testers have all reduced their lap times over a short period of ProSteer use. Testing feedback says you will have more enjoyment too!

What is MSAC and why is it so important?

MSAC is the ability to breakout one axis from the normally dual axis Analog stick. Never before has a gaming controller separated the x (left/right) and y (up/down) axes. This allows for unpolluted single axis target tracking in FPS and Battle Royale games.

The BoxDark team have assembled from a many different backgrounds- Management, Sales, Programming, Electronics, Industrial Design and Project Management to name a few.


Headed by BoxDark founder and inventor of the ProSteer – Phil Croft, our team have vast skills and experience from many years in various industries. We come from different backgrounds, but we all share the same ethos –



There is ALWAYS a better way.”