BoxDark strikes gold with ProSteer – a ‘Made for Xbox’ gaming innovation

BoxDark struck a deal with Xbox last week, fast-tracking the patented ProSteer gaming innovation into the Microsoft Partner Development Program.

The deal makes BoxDark the first ever Australian company to be welcomed into the program, exposing ProSteer to an active customer base of over 130 million active Xbox users upon commercialisation.

ProSteer is the world’s first handheld steering controller to provide a seamless racing experience thanks to its 80 degrees of linear steering compared to traditional game pads with only 22 degrees.

The ground-breaking ProSteer has been developed in an effort spanning Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia and is praised by industry giants and gaming enthusiasts for its Multi-Single Axis Control (M-SAC) making racing more realistic at a fraction of the cost.

Forecast to be available for purchase in less than 12 months, ProSteer creator Phil Croft says the concept came to him after identifying a major gap in the racing gaming market.

“I was inspired to engineer ProSteer because I recognised the need for better accuracy and control for experienced gamers and easier handling for beginners,” Mr Croft said.

“We’ve created working prototypes in a massive global effort and I’m very proud of our technical development team’s achievements in combining mechanics with electronics and bringing everything together in one simple, robust unit.”

Leaders in the gaming industry have traditionally invested millions of dollars into handheld steering technology that has ultimately failed as the dated accelerometer and motion sensor technology they used failed to provide enough “touch” and steering control.

“We’ve built a market-leading unit in collaboration with racing simulation giants like Forza that will change the outlook of racing gaming for a market of over 875 million people.”

“ProSteer is highly effective, ergonomic and conducive to family entertainment zones. It also offers multi-use capabilities like shooting and generic gameplay.”

ProSteer’s next round of funding will activate a testing partnership with Queensland University of Technology’s respected eSports team, commercialisation in the Microsoft Development Partner Program and the production and launch of 10,000 ProSteer units.

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