The ProSteer

ProSteer Technical Specifications


  • Communication Protocol: HID (Human Interface device)


  • Microprocessor: 64MHz, 32-Bit Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU


  • Weight: 450 grams


  • Battery: 1250 mAh Lithium Ion


  • Battery Life: Three hours of gameplay/15 hours standby


  • Charge: USB Type C Charge and Play

ProSteer Details


  • ProSteer inceases accuracy and control for experienced racers as well as making handling easier for beginners.


  • The ProSteer has 80 degrees of linear steering – gamepad thumb sticks have only 22 degrees.


  • The ProSteer’s throttle and brake are true analog with 35 degrees of draw enabling excellent throttle control and trail braking.


  • The ProSteer uses HID protocol to communicate with your PC or Android device.


  • Our Multi Single Axis Control (M-SAC for short) actually means the ProSteer is three controllers in one – ProSteer, Shooter and Standard Gamepad.


  • M-SAC allows the ProSteer to be used as a regular gamepad usable across all gaming genres.


  • The ProSteer has been developed through 20 versions and 6 prototypes.


  • The ProSteer provides accessibility for disabled racers that cannot use a racing wheel with peddles.


  • Phil Croft envisioned the ProSteer while watching Steve Jobs give a MacWorld Keynote speech.


  • While the ProSteer has been developed in Brisbane, Australia – The ProSteer’s development has been uncompromising, taking the BoxDark team to North America, Europe and Asia.


  • The BoxDark Development Team provide drivers and firmware updates to enable access to all the latest Windows or Android compatible games, including Steam.

In the 27 years since the big game consoles arrived, their systems have grown to be 47 times faster! That’s a massive growth factor ensuring todays consoles have far more beautiful, authentic and challenging games. In that same time the control inputs have only changed slightly with the introduction of analogue thumbsticks followed by motion sensors and a touchpad. Its time for the human interface to catch up!


Born from simple sketches then on to geometric formulae and ergonomic design – we have created a whole new species of game controllers. Our R&D spans three continents and over 3 years.

BoxDark is focussed on fine tuning our technologies to harness their many control advantages. Our patented Boxed Arc and Multi Single Axis Control (MSAC) technologies provide breakthrough control advantages for gamers in racing and first person shooter games. Our team have completed the complex job of calculating everything from the degrees of turn, turn compression, button position and compression to firmware and finally great device design to maximise functionality and user comfort.

The inventive team that is developing the ProSteer has one goal – to make the worlds first truly analogue/mechanical steering input that is completely handheld. The ProSteer offers features normally only available in a fixed racing wheel set up, such as;

  • Centralising Torque
  • Haptic Feedback
  • True steering touch and control

In addition our breakthrough Multi Single Axis Control (MSAC) allows for better control and rapid targeting in First Person Shooter and Battle Royale Games.

The work is nearly done! Soon all gamers will have access to the control they need to win.