May 2021: 

BoxDark strikes gold with ProSteer – a ‘Made for Xbox’ gaming innovation

BoxDark struck a deal with Xbox last week, fast-tracking the patented ProSteer gaming innovation into the Microsoft Partner Development Program.


The deal makes BoxDark the first ever Australian company to be welcomed into the program, exposing ProSteer to an active customer base of over 130 million active Xbox users upon commercialisation.

November 2020: 

US Patent Office Grants Articulated Gaming Controller (ProSteer) Patent.


The development team at Boxdark are very happy to report that our US Patent No
10,688,387 for our Articulated Gaming Controller (ProSteer) has been granted and Issued.


“This patent is the culmination of 4 years of hard work, so it’s really great for our whole
team to finally achieve this milestone.” Commented Boxdark CEO Phil Croft.


Boxdark’s first US patent is the first official validation of Boxdark’s handheld steering
innovation and comes ahead of expected European and Australian patents.

November 2019: 

PROSTEER development team travel to Ukraine to complete hardware/firmware calibration.

Development of the ProSteer is now 3 years and 18 versions old. As a precision input device it is key that the ProSteer’s hardware interfaces correctly with the software (games) it controls.


Our final testing has uncovered some areas where our hardware needs adjustment and firmware calibration. These are minor adjustments that are critical to the ProSteers high performance.


To fast track this final step our team will travel to Kiev, Ukraine to access ‘state of the art’ test facilities and technical expertise. This short trip will complete the ProSteer’s development journey!


We can’t wait to show the ProSteer off to our many followers at our upcoming Test Drive Day in Brisbane, Australia slated for early April.


The ProSteer is coming!!!

April 2019: 

CEO and COO visit factories in Shenzhen, China.

Our CEO Phil Croft and COO Fred Ottosson have just returned from a weeks trip to the electronics manufacturing hub of the world – Shenzhen, China.


While in Shenzhen Phil and Fred visited with a number of factories to perform due diligence on critical factors such as:


  • Manufacturing Technology and quality
  • IP Security systems
  • Process for materials handling and logistics
  • Admin and communication
  • Overall quality


Both men were very happy with the connections made, Phil commented “Based on what we have seen during this trip, we are confident we can commit to a contract manufacturing agreement that will ensure the highest quality and reliability for the ProSteer’s manufacture.”

December 2018: 

BoxDark partners with Droid Technologies.

Today BoxDark CEO Phil Croft has announced a development partnership with Droid Technologies. This is a key engagement as we are slowly ramping up our capabilities across all areas of development. While we have always been strong on Industrial design, we quickly outgrew our electronics capability.


As a start up it is critical that we engage with the highest quality suppliers for all of our technical development. At the same time we must not become complacent and ignore our own knowledge base, our team must keep learning, filling in the gaps. This engagement with Droid gives us the best of both worlds, as they have super capability across PCB, PCBA, electronics componentry, and firmware. And while we expect to work with them through all platform (version) development – PC/Android, Xbox, PS and Nintendo our team is learning as we go.


BoxDark Director of Technology Nigel Cushing commented “We have a great working relationship with the team at Droid and we expect this to be an ongoing partnership.”

October 2018: 

v0.17 ProSteer designs complete

With better mechanics and ergonomics the v0.17 ProSteer has been developed from extensive testing on our v0.16 prototypes.


It has always been a priority for our development team to strive for excellence. This may cause headaches due to delays which will ultimately push back our release date, but we must remain committed to creating the best possible handheld steering controller possible while utilising the latest technology such as USB-C and charge and play.

September 2018: 

ProSteer Test Drive Day

The BoxDark team was very proud to unveil the ProSteer on Saturday at our Global Launch and Drive Day. Our v0.16 prototypes were tested by a multitude of keen racers and we got some valuable feedback that will help us in our fine tuning of the production models.


All of those that tested the ProSteer were excited by the touch, feel and overall performance of the controller!


What struck our team the most was the amount of enjoyment users had when driving with the ProSteer.


One observer noted, “Whether you are an experienced competitive driver or a novice, this is just so much fun and very satisfying!”